In addition to its regular activities (Thematic Seminars, Outreach and Academic Programme), the Intelligence College in Europe organises specific events for its Members, and partakes in others. The events involving the College are of different nature (official ceremonies, specific meetings on intelligence-related topics, etc).

Last event

Spain took the presidency of the ICE for 2024

On February 1, 2024, Spain assumes the Presidency of the Intelligence College in Europe. The Secretary of State Director of the CNI, Esperanza Casteleiro, sends a letter for the occasion in which she highlights that Spain will try to be up to its predecessors and foster internal dialogue, the participation of all countries and the continuity of ongoing projects.

Previous events

Letter from the Secretary of State Director of the CNI

Welcome to our newest partner, the Republic of Moldova

Italian Award “A Thesis for National Security”. Conclusion of the fifth edition.

Narcotrafficking: A European perspective

Seminar on Intelligence and Decision Making, Madrid

Postgraduate Course ‘Intelligence and the Military’

Thematic Seminar on “How to implement strategic issues in the intelligence work?”

Thematic Seminar - Russian Threat – the 10-year perspective

International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) & IAFIE European Chapter

Update for the ICE's YouTube Channel

French seminar on open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Security in the Black Sea Region. Shared Challenges, sustainable future. Focus on Europe and its neighbourhood

Security Processes and Challenges in the Western Balkans and their impact on Europe – Executive Education Session

Message from Professor Adrian Ivan, on the occasion of the Romanian Presidency of the College

Countering manipulation of information - Executive Education Session

Launch of the ICE YouTube Channel

“Psychology in the Service of Intelligence” Seminar

Seminar on “Intelligence Services and Society”

European Commission’s General Directorate for Human Resources and Security - 15th Security Symposium

The “Intelligence Week” project – students explore threats, in the face of Russia’s war against Ukraine

Mr. François Fischer attends the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Romanian National Intelligence Academy in Bucharest

Munich – Module on Counterterrorism

ESDC Doctoral School Conference, Brussels 11th July 2022

Intelligence Cooperation in the 21st Century

Anticipation by Intelligence, Seminar in Vienna

Mr. François Fischer, newly appointed Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intelligence College in Europe (ICE)

Intelligence and Space Seminar in Paris

Croatia grants the Director with an award from SOA

Seminar "The Societal Response To Radicalisation And The Role Of The Security Environment"

Message of Ambassador Elisabetta Belloni, on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the College

Upcoming event: LFD conference “Intelligence and Europe: Unity beyond Secrecy” – Sat 29/01/2022

Table ronde à Bucarest sur la politique de sécurité européenne

Launch of the Academic Programme in Madrid

Round table on the topic of the European Security Policy in Bucharest

Participation to the "intelligence officer for a week" in Vilnius

The Intelligence College in Europe is taking part in "La Fabrique Défense"

Declaration of Mrs. Beth Sizeland, on the occasion of the British Presidency of the College

A review of Croatia's Presidency by DG Daniel Markić

Yasmine Gouédard appointed first director of ICE’s Permanent Secretariat

Official signing ceremony of the Letter of Intent on 26th February 2020 in Zagreb

Inaugural session of the Intelligence College in Europe, Paris, March 5th 2019.