The Intelligence College Europe operates on a three-tier organisation system:

  • The Steering Committee, which comprises all 24 member countries, and constitutes the decision-making body,
  • A Presidency, held by a member country for a year. The latter leads the College’s activities. It is assisted in doing so by a Troika, that comprises both previous and future presidencies,
  • The Permanent Secretariat, based in Paris, and responsible for the implementation of the Steering Committee’s decisions.

List of the Presidencies of the Intelligence College in Europe :

2020: Croatia
Setting up and strengthening the College’s governance

A review of Croatia’s Presidency by DG Daniel Markić

2021: United Kingdom
Fusing intelligence and policy to build resilience in the 21st century

Declaration of Mrs. Beth Sizeland, on the occasion of the British Presidency of the College

2022: Italy
Focus on outreach: cooperation beyond practitionners

Message of Ambassador Elisabetta Belloni, on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the College