The ICE Bibliography on Intelligence

Promoted by the Italian Presidency, the « ICE Bibliography on Intelligence » is the result of a joint effort by ICE member countries to promote a common culture of security. The project consisted in building, under the ICE « brand », a collection of the most relevant books on intelligence and security issues.

The bibliography is a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of selected non-fiction books on the world of intelligence and national security, which can be used by practitioners and non-professionals alike to increase knowledge, arouse curiosity and bring people closer to our world.

The selection of volumes has focused mainly on the scholarly production of the last twenty years, without neglecting previously published works of particular relevance, and is divided into the following chapters

– History of intelligence and biographies: texts on the role played by intelligence in the history of international relations, from antiquity to the present day, and on the most famous biographies related to the world of espionage;

– Theory of Intelligence: volumes dedicated to theoretical issues and studies of intelligence analysis, including a section specifically dedicated to economic intelligence analysis;

– The World of Intelligence: works dealing with the legal aspects and their impact on the national decision-making process;

– Intelligence Disciplines: in-depth studies of the sources, tools and specialities of intelligence and counterintelligence. The bibliography will be updated continuously.

The Bibliography of 2023 can be downloaded here.

The Bibliography of 2024 can be downloaded here.