The Intelligence College in Europe has been launched on 5th March 2019 in Paris. It brings together 23 member countries, which will sign a Letter of Intent on 26th February 2020 in Zagreb, and 7 partner countries.

The College is a collective endeavour of European intelligence communities. It generates professional and academic views on a wide range of intelligence-related topics and disseminates those in order to contribute to the development of a strategic intelligence culture in Europe, without being prescriptive.

The Intelligence College in Europe is a unique intergovernmental initiative enhancing European security.


The Intelligence College in Europe is a platform for reflection, sharing and outreach. College activities stimulate strategic dialogue between:

  • Intelligence communities in Europe allowing executives from different services to get together and compare their experiences at a non-operational level;
  • Intelligence communities and Academia, through publications and the implementation of an academic programme dedicated to intelligence professionals;
  • Intelligence communities and national and European decision-makers, but also citizens, in order to raise awareness about intelligence-related challenges and issues.

Some of these activities may be open to the public, and are listed in the "events" section.


  • Seminar "Intelligence services and the EU", 22-23 October 2019, Berlin

    Organised at BND headquarters by the German intelligence community, the first College seminar enabled exchanges between more than 80 members of European intelligence services, representatives of European institutions, and academics on the topics of intelligence in Europe and relationship with the EU, establishing an essential dialogue, which respects national sovereignty in this regal domain.

  • Inaugural session of the Intelligence College in Europe, Paris, March 5th 2019.

    A success in numbers:
    300 participants, 66 intelligence services, 30 European countries, Decision-makers, Academics.

    After a discussion about the concept of strategic culture with academics, heads of European intelligence services, and representatives of European institutions, the President of the French Republic did the closing speech and announced the main lines of the Intelligence College in Europe.

    International media reported on this event. Download the press review.