Narcotrafficking: A European perspective

SIRP has organized a course on Narcotrafficking: A European perspective, which delved in different aspects of this phenomenon.

We kickstarted our quest by actively shifting our focus to Mapping the Network, aiming at pinpointing and comprehending the lifelines of this illicit trade—the production zones, transit routes, and distribution hubs. Our analysis exposed Europe’s dual role as a market and a critical nexus in this global trafficking dilemma.

Secondly, we scrutinized the Socio-Economic Implications, unravelling how narcotrafficking weaves into the socio-economic fabric of our nations, affecting economies, altering employment landscapes, and testing the resilience of our societies.

Moreover, in discussing Future Projections and Solutions, we brainstormed proactive measures, pursued innovative solutions, and reinforced collaborative efforts to mitigate this issue.

This module taped into a reservoir of expertise. Experts from Europol provided insights that illuminated the latest criminal activities across Europe. The Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre – Narcotics (MAOC-N) illuminated the tactical aspects of intercepting drug shipments. Similarly, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) delivered a data-centric analysis of drug trends.

Complementing this, we heard from the Portuguese services, who shared invaluable national strategies and experiences, alongside the maritime authority’s specialized knowledge in protecting our seaways. The participation of SICAD demonstrated how we can bridge law enforcement efforts with health services, advancing strategies for demand reduction and harm prevention. Additionally, saw how the collaborative nature of investigative journalism, working in tandem with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, can bolster our efforts. The information journalists uncover is often instrumental in initiating investigations, shaping policy, and fostering an informed public discourse. Two daring investigative journalists took us behind the scenes of their deep dive into the notorious South America – Africa – European route.