The ICE Bibliography on Intelligence

Promoted by the Italian Presidency, the "ICE Bibliography on Intelligence" is the result of a joint effort by ICE member countries to promote a common culture of security. The project consisted in realising, under the ICE "brand", a collection of the most relevant books on intelligence and security issues. The bibliography a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of selected non-fiction books on the world of intelligence and national security, which can be used by practitioners and non-professionals alike to increase knowledge, arouse curiosity and bring people closer to our world.

Intelligence and Space Seminar in Paris

On 21 and 22 February 2022 in Paris, the French Intelligence Community organised with the College a thematic seminar on intelligence and space. Space involves much more than military and security issues. Its mastering involves daily applications ranging from communications, connectivity and synchronisation, to geolocation and meteorology. These applications are of daily use and their resilience is strategic. Before an audience made up of members of the Intelligence College in Europe, speakers from research, institutions, industry and services elaborated on the challenges that space represents now. A summary of this seminar is available hereunder.

Conclusions - Webinar "European Security Challenges"

In September 2020, the Intelligence College in Europe invited professors from three member countries (Italy, Romania and Finland) to present their vision on European security challenges in the 21st century. They gave their input on the impact of technology on national security, propaganda and disinformation, and hybrid warfare.

The webinar showed Members share, for the most part, similar views over these three topics, and the event paved the way for further exchanges within the College.

Here is the downloadable summary of our conclusions over this webinar.

Special issue of the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence publishes its first special theme issue in its 35-year history (available here). This issue, devoted to “Europe and intelligence”, includes contributions to the first thematic seminar organized by the College of Intelligence in Europe in Berlin in autumn 2019.

The authors express themselves in a personal capacity. They do not represent the position of the Intelligence College in Europe or the intelligence communities.