On 7 February 2024, the Secretary General of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) of Spain, Undersecretary Mr Arturo Relanzón, gave a conference in the IFRI, as part of the European Intelligence cycle supported by the Intelligence College in Europe, which is chaired by Spain in 2024. The topic of the conference was “Instability in the Sahel, impact on the Security of Europe”.

The Director of the IFRI, Thomas Gomart, hosted and chaired the event and the Deputy Director of the IFRI, Marc Hecker, and the Head of International of the French Press Agency (AFP), Daphné Benoit participated in it.

The instability in the Sahel is determined by the political, social and economic conditions in the region. In some cases, those conditions may be fertile ground for radicalisation (with the consequent impact on the terrorist threat) and for massive illegal migration. Europe should improve its work and collaboration in the region, deepening on mutual knowledge.

The threats coming from the Sahel to Europe are not independent and tackling them individually may not be the best option. Europe should take a holistic approach to face “everything, everywhere, all at once”. In the same way, the action of countries should be framed in the context of the joint European action.

Mr. Arturo Relanzón was the third participant of this IFRI cycle after the French and the Italian Intelligence Coordinators.