Upcoming event: LFD conference “Intelligence and Europe: Unity beyond Secrecy” – Sat 29/01/2022

On Saturday 29th January, from 11am to 12pm, the Intelligence College in Europe will be organising a round table event during the La Fabrique Défense fair in Paris (28/01/2022-30/01/2022), on the topic of “Intelligence and Europe: Unity beyond Secrecy”. Open to all, you can participate by registering to attend the LFD fair. The College will also welcome you on its stand from Friday to Sunday for more information on our activities and developments.

Launch of the Academic Programme in Madrid

The Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) of the Kingdom of Spain, in collaboration with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), organised the first module of the Intelligence College in Europe’s Executive Programme in Madrid, from 25 to 29 October 2021. The sessions took place at the campuses of these three partner universities, and the Universidad de Alcalá (UAH) and the Universidad de Cádiz (UCA) were also associated through various activities.

Round table on the topic of the European Security Policy in Bucharest

On the 7th December 2021, a Round Table on the topic of “European Security Policy, Strategic Autonomy and the Role of the Intelligence College in Europe in building a common strategic culture” took place in the "Mihai Viteazul" National Intelligence Academy, in Bucharest. The event was affiliated to the French Ministry of Armed Forces initiative La Fabrique Défense and was attended by the Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Mr. Eduard Hellvig, representatives of the Romanian Intelligence Community and Academia, and the Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intelligence College in Europe, Mrs. Yasmine Gouédard.

Participation to the "intelligence officer for a week" in Vilnius

Between 5 and 15 October 2021, the Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences of the University of Vilnius, with the support of the State Security Department of Lithuania (VSD), and in association with the Intelligence College in Europe and La Fabrique Défense, organised for the second time the “intelligence officer for a week” course.

The Intelligence College in Europe is taking part in "La Fabrique Défense"

The Intelligence College in Europe is proud to announce its second participation to La Fabrique Défense (LFD), an initiative of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. Several of our Members are already involved through different activities, labelled “La Fabrique Défense”.

Webinar "Hybrid Threats and their Impact on European Security"

Along with the Intelligence College in Europe, the Internal Security Institute of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences organised on 16 and 17 June 2021 an online seminar to review the various hybrid threats that European nations are facing, and how to identify and tackle them efficiently. A panel of academics and experienced decision-makers discussed these issues with a group of leaders and senior officials of European security services and law enforcement authorities, and shared perceptions to move forward on our mutual awareness.
Mr. Daniel Markić, Director of the Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency, and Mr. Andrej Plenković, Croatian Prime Minister.

Official signing ceremony of the Letter of Intent on 26th February 2020 in Zagreb

On 26th February 2020, 23 countries signed the Letter of Intent in Zagreb, providing the Intelligence College in Europe with a framework and a governance. Download the Letter of Intent.

List of signatory countries, members of the Intelligence College in Europe:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

The signing of the Letter of Intent was followed by a panel discussion on the subject "Intelligence cooperation in contemporary security paradigm", presented by Mr. Daniel Markić, Director of the Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency, and Mr. Andrej Plenković, Croatian Prime Minister.

Inaugural session of the Intelligence College in Europe, Paris, March 5th 2019.

A success in numbers:
300 participants, 66 intelligence services, 30 European countries, Decision-makers, Academics.

After a discussion about the concept of strategic culture with academics, heads of European intelligence services, and representatives of European institutions, the President of the French Republic did the closing speech and announced the main lines of the Intelligence College in Europe.