Declaration of Mrs. Beth Sizeland, on the occasion of the British Presidency of the College

On the occasion of the start of the British Presidency of the College, from February 2021 for a year, the Deputy National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mrs. Beth Sizeland, introduces her projects and ambitions for the College.

I am delighted that the UK has the 2021 Intelligence College Europe Presidency and we would like to thank our Croatian colleagues and the ICE Secretariat for their hard work laying the foundations for this platform during such an extraordinary time. 

It has been two years since the conception of this strategic platform, and in that time we have faced much uncertainty. But one thing has remained clear- the threats we all face continue to diversify and we must keep pace. Our ability to collaborate as European allies is key to ensuring the safety and security of our citizens and the ongoing protection of our shared values.  As our security threats continue to evolve, our collaboration must remain strong and unwavering.

The Intelligence College Europe is an initiative rooted in the collective drive to create a safer and prosperous Europe. It is a unified network of intelligence and security expertise in Europe which embraces diversity of thought and transparent discussion. We are committed to ensuring our European security partnership continues to strengthen our collective resilience. This intelligence college will help us to achieve that aim, and we look forward to working with the ICE community on the theme this year: to bring together policy and intelligence to build resilience in the 21st century.

This year, the UK will facilitate this collaboration by holding a series of community webinars, seminars and research on key security and intelligence issues, before handing over to Italy in 2022. To the members of the ICE, we thank you for your engagement and look forward to meeting and learning with you. For other visitors of this website, please enjoy the materials published here, we hope that you find it helpful.

Mrs. Beth Sizeland