Executive Seminar in Budapest “Emerging Technologies and New Prospects"

On 15-18 April 2024 the intel-community of Hungary hosted the ICE – Executive Education Course (EEC) on OSINT: “Emerging Technologies and New Prospects”.

The main organisers of the event were the Information Office of Hungary and the Ludovika University of Public Service. More than 30 participants came from 16 ICE member-countries.  

The organisers drew in the best leading experts of the Hungarian intelligence services, academia, and related business life.  

The lecturers selected the topics of their contributions from a wide range of OSINT-related issues, such as artificial intelligence, big data, media monitoring, alien media influence, cybersecurity and hacking, civilian cyber defence, cybercrime and OSINT investigations, home office and virtual agents, psychology and network analysis.

As a sign of ICE outreach goals, one of the leading presentations introduced the Zagreb-OSINT Centre of Excellence.

According to the final conclusions of the participants, the ICE-EEC in Budapest 2024 gave an excellent overview of OSINT capabilities, connected thought-provokingly OSINT with neighbouring disciplines, shared both national security best practices and knowledge of academia and the private sector. At the same time participants learned in a relaxed environment, and simply enjoyed the traditional Hungarian hospitality in the lovely city of Budapest.