Mr. François Fischer attends the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Romanian National Intelligence Academy in Bucharest

Between 12 and 13 of October 2022, the Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intelligence College in Europe attended a series of meetings with our Romanian colleagues, in Bucharest.

The Director met the leadership of the Romanian Intelligence Service, of the National Intelligence Academy and attended a national outreach event organized with the participation of the Romanian Intelligence Community senior leadership. The event was associated to the celebration of 30 years of education in intelligence at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy.

Mr. Eduard Hellvig, the Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service expressed his support for the College’s activities, stating that We share here the understanding of the importance of increasing the level of awareness both among citizens and within the institutions that educate public policymakers and security decision-makers at national and European level. Whether we are talking here about the universities in the internal academic network of the college or potential partners such as the European College of Security and Defence or the Institute of Advanced European Studies within the European College, the need to strengthen joint study programs that include the dimension of intelligence studies is an essential one, for which we will act collectively and in solidarity”.

Mr. Fischer held a well-received presentation of the College’s history and activities emphasizing the ambitions we all have to fully operationalise the Academic Network, including through a working platform for the academics, and to increase the engagement of all our members – “Be sure that the College, while playing its role of bridge & influence at European level, will always position itself as “upstream” as possible so as not to hinder the actions of the Member States and their services”.