Munich – Module on Counterterrorism

From 17th until 21st October 2022 the Module on “Counterterrorism” took place in Munich, Germany. This official kick-off event of the Modularised Curriculum was hosted by the German Universität der Bundeswehr (UniBw) under the framework of the Intelligence College in Europe (ICE).

The ICE Academic Programme runs in two formats: The Executive Education Programme which combines theoretical and practical approaches and the Modularised Curriculum which aims to transfer academic views and knowledge in the field of Intelligence and Security Studies.

The Module on “Counterterrorism” has been conceptualised and implemented by the Professors Lars Berger, Michaela Pfundmair and Hendrik Hansen (all from the Master in Intelligence and Security Studies – HSB), based upon an already existing module of the joint German “Master of Intelligence Studies” (MISS) of UniBw and HSB.

The Vice-President of UniBw, Mr Uwe M. Borghoff, gave the opening address to the participants from all over Europe. He emphasised the importance of a European intelligence community and praised the newly created postgraduate format.

On behalf of the German Chancellor’s Office, Mr Christian Kleidt underlined Germany’s great support for the ICE and the vision of a common European strategic intelligence culture. Dialogue, education and training are central elements of this vision. Lifelong learning is also a necessity in the field of intelligence. In his speech, the Director of the Permanent Secretariat of ICE, Francois Fischer, underlined the new urgency with which the task of understanding or anticipating security policy developments arises. The necessary close cooperation in turn benefits from regular exchange and mutual learning. As a pan-European network, the ICE has dedicated itself to fostering this exchange and learning, as well as to building a common language.