“Psychology in the Service of Intelligence” Seminar

Under the framework of the Intelligence College in Europe the Portuguese Republic Intelligence System (SIRP), organised on 29th November 2022, the “Psychology in the Service of Intelligence” Seminar, which was attended by 41 representatives of ICE members states and partners, as well as European academics.

The main objective of this seminar on Psychology in the service of Intelligence was to bring together practitioners of intelligence and academic experts to engage in substantive dialogue on this topic, thus providing a broad scope of approaches to the subject.

The participants explored the impact of psychopathological and mental health issues in the choices and behaviours of some individuals, and how this can distort some legal prejudices and concepts. Furthermore, various processes of radicalization and deradicalisation were addressed, as well as the possibility of using psychological tools to ascertain other thoughts and state of mind based on behaviour patterns. Also discussed was the impact of neurological elements on our perception of others and the role critical thinking might play in obviating this impact.