The Intelligence College in Europe is taking part in "La Fabrique Défense"

The Intelligence College in Europe is proud to announce its second participation to La Fabrique Défense (LFD), an initiative of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. Several of our Members are already involved through different activities, labelled “La Fabrique Défense”.

What is La Fabrique Défense?

LFD is a unique initiative contributing to the development of a European strategic culture amongst European youth (15 to 30 years old).

Its objective is to make the defence more understandable and accessible by offering innovative, immersive and participative experiences. By turning towards young people and taking a European perspective, La Fabrique Défense aims to be a source of future exchange and inspire new forms of solidarity.

The organisation of this second edition is based on the success of the first edition of La Fabrique Défense in 2019. In order to strengthen the European aspect of this new edition, several events are being organised throughout Europe (conferences, site visits, cultural activities linked to defence, job fairs, in particular), many European partners are involved, and topics with a European dimension are put forward in the conferences which are held.

The aim is also to make LFD a durable concept at the European level from 2023 onwards, through its appropriation and adaptation by other partner states, leading to the creation of a European label.

An event for the general public will be organised in Paris, from 28 to 30 January 2022, at the Grande Halle de la Villette, to close this edition. It will bring together all LFD partners and will present the activities carried out throughout Europe. This event is an opportunity for young Europeans to meet, network and learn about defence and security issues. The Intelligence College in Europe will also be present at this closing event!

We look forward to meeting you there!