Yasmine Gouédard appointed first director of ICE’s Permanent Secretariat

In June this year, Mrs. Yasmine Gouédard was elected by the College members to be the first head of the ICE’s Permanent Secretariat. On 14th September, she formally took up her position of the coordination structure. Since, she has been actively working on consolidating links between members. Mrs. Gouédard is in close contact with the stakeholders of the College, and in constant association with the Presidency and Troika board. Her first trip was to Zagreb, as Croatia assumes since February 2020 ICE’s rotating presidency for a year.

Former ambassador and distinguished intelligence officer, Mrs. Gouédard has navigated in both spheres throughout her career. She holds a bachelor’s degree in classical literature, a master’s degree in international public law, and postgraduate degree in international and European affairs. She is also a graduate of the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Having first started her career as a fellow researcher within the Polemology department of the Foundation for Defence Studies (now known as the FRS – Fondation pour la recherche stratégique), Mrs. Gouédard joined the French Ministry of Armed Forces in 1981.

Versed in international strategy, with a strong knowledge in Asian affairs and an excellent sense of diplomacy, Mrs. Gouédard was appointed as Ambassador of France to Tajikistan in 2016. Her known ability to bring together in dialogue all parties, whilst being an expert in intelligence is what drew the Steering Committee to electing at a large majority Mrs. Gouédard. The new director is excited to support the College in its beginnings, its project and its views.

During her three-year term of office, the Director will strive to implement the decisions made by the Steering Committee, whilst facilitating the exchange of shared strategic views in this common endeavour. She will also seek to supervise in the best way possible the development of the Academic Network and institutional communications by the Secretariat. In doing so, Mrs. Gouédard hopes to successfully serve the purposes of the College and the interests of its members, and lay the grounds for a shared strategic culture between European intelligence communities.